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Ky eshte nje musliman nga Arabia Saudite ku prej moshes 12 vjecar eshte ne Ceceni
Khattab's profile:
Amir (Commander) Khattab was a native of Saudi Arabia. His father is a Saudi. The family of Khattab belongs to one of the most ancient clans of Arabia. His mother is Turkish and a native of Turkey.
Khattab has many relatives. Back home his family is respected and considered pretty wealthy. According to some information, Khattab has 8 brothers.
When he was 15, his parents decided to send him to the United States to study.
But the young man left the family and motivated his decision by the right to make his own choice and take part in Jihad, according to the Shari'ah.
Even though his older brother was trying to talk him out of it, Khattab left for Afghanistan as a volunteer.

Disa fjale per kete musliman.
For several years he was fighting against the troops of Soviet invaders.
This is where he was wounded. After the Soviet troops withdrew, Khattab returned home.
But soon after that he went back to Afghanistan to help Tajik and Uzbek refugees.
As Khattab himself said, in December 1994 he found out about the war in the Caucasus from CNN reports.
He knew nothing about Chechnya before that, except for the stories about Imam Shamil, who is buried in Medina.
Khattab was telling that he made a decision to go to Chechnya after he saw on TV how Chechen Mujahideen were proclaiming «Allah Akbar!» (God is Great!).
Khattab arrived to Chechnya with two of his companions in the spring of 1995, and had not left Chechnya ever since.
Cka menoni ju per kete person?
Khattab was an active participant of war operations against the troops of Russian invaders, starting March 1995 until March 2002. In 1996 on the order from President of CRI he was appointed as Chief of Military Training Center of Central Front of CRI Armed Forces.
Komandant Hatabi duke buzqeshure
Khattab held the post of the Military Commander of Majlis al-Shura of the Mujahideen of Ichkeria and Dagestan. He was the Deputy of Shamil Basayev (Amir of Majlis al-Shura). Khattab was in command of the Islamic International Brigade.
Khattab duke ber dua me shoket e ti para jihadit.
He was granted the highest awards of the Chechen State. Married to a Darginian woman, a native of the village of Karamakhi, Dagestan, and has two children.

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Komandant Hatab duke biseduar me shoket e tij

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